In the era of the most advanced communication system, starting from education to business everything has come online. On that note, it is very essential that the target audience perceives a product or service with a very good impression. The more attractive you make your website, the more viewers and customers you are likely to get.  If you are looking forward to getting a good website designer, you need to understand their ecosystem. Let us focus on Custom Web Design Services: Expectations vs. Reality. The primary requirement from any website is; user and receiver usable friendliness, creativity in branding and solutions and custom programming.

The most important expectations of a customer for a website design are:

  • A plain and transparent design: As a website owner you would always want that your target audience can navigate easily through the web pages and each of its contents.
  • Flexible: You would always want your website viewers can access the website on desktop devices and mobile phone devices.
  • Fast loading capacity: You would always want the contents of your website page, be it images, texts or any other clip do not take a long time to load after the user clicks your web link.
  • Text content: Be it an article, blog or research any form of web content you always want to keep your text content lucid, easily understandable and attractive. All this to keep your viewers engaged to meet their demands.
Custom Web Design Services

Custom Web Design Services: Expectations vs. Reality

However, the demands always do not meet reality. It is very important to understand the practical part. The reality of customized web design is:

  • Many website design companies will offer you templates of your website requirement. But predesigned templates won’t guarantee to make your website stand out of the crowd. So it is better to choose separate vendors for website designing and website development as per your budget.
  • In the quest for creativity, no one should include too many hefty designs. It usually confuses the user. Incorrect use of shadows and textures deter the user’s interest in the website.
  • A large number of animations tend to drain the battery of the user if they are using a smartphone.
  • Many websites are connected to search engines. This factor definitely will reduce the uniqueness of any website at a first glance. So one needs to plan their budget well.
  • Websites with constant changing guidelines is a potential repellent for the user.

Naturally while planning a customized website design and selecting a website design company, one needs to keep the following points in mind:

  • Check website design company’s portfolios and listings in different reviews and notable website critics’ sites.
  • Look for those website design companies whose own website keeps gives you the best user experience.
  • Always select those website design agencies that have served a variety of clients. The more diverse the clients, the more is the expertise of the respective website design agency.
  • In order to prevent yourself from getting swayed by the success stories of the website design companies, check for the website landing page time, easier navigation experience and the lucidity in the website content.
  • Analytics explanation and report disclose: One needs to always collect reports from eminent website trackers.
  • Competition monitoring: Always render HTML, email and template design, site usability testing, pay per click management and sales presentation development and SEO optimization to keep value addition to the website.
  • Check for the pricing policy of the respective website design company. You may divide the cost of the respective services and obtain separate quotations from different other places for your planning and budget.
  • Always enquire about the website design workflow of the respective website design agency as; Project estimation, blueprinting, user end to end interface design and testing.
  • Check for the respective website design companies that maintain and update a nice social media page, Like Linkedin and Facebook on the following points;
  1. Client discussions and evaluations
  2. An active everyday photo display life
  3. Explorable corporate culture
  4. Verified Address and contact details
  5. A business story
  6. Simple FAQs and solutions with reference to clients’ problems
  7. Team members with their respective experiences and portfolios

Having talked about the above-mentioned points; try to do a self-study before picking up a company and planning your budget.

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