Coming from Lean Startup methodology, the term “minimum viable product”  or “MVP” focuses on the influence of learning in the process of building a new software product.

MVP in software development refers to building an application with enough functionality that can quickly grab attention. 

Once feedback from pioneer users is received, the software development team can improve or iterate the product. And thus, it can help you in the software & application development process. 

IT company in Mumbai

IT company in Mumbai

  1. Conduct market research 

Market research is the fundamental step you need to focus on before initiating an idea and embark upon the MVP development process. With this, you can understand whether it can fulfil the needs of the target audience. Conduct surveys because the more information you have, the more you have the chance to be successful. Besides, check competitor’s offers so that you do something that helps you stand out in the crowd. 

  1.   Add value 

What value does your product offer to the users? How will it benefit them? What would motivate them to have your product? These are some crucial questions that you should keep in mind to express your idea correctly. Besides, you should be clear about the critical estimations of your product. As MVP implies, introducing value to the people, first outline them and then build the MVP based on that. 

  1.   Map out the user flow 

The design process is a vital MVP stage. Design the application in such a way that would be convenient for the users. Look at the application from the users’ perspective – starting from opening the app to the final stage. Moreover, user flow is an essential aspect that would help you ensure you don’t miss anything and prioritise user satisfaction. 

And to define the user flow, you should determine the process stages. For this, you need to explain the steps required to reach the main objective. You should focus more on the fundamental tasks than features. These are the goals that your users have when they use the product.  

  1.  Prioritise MVP features 

At this stage, you should list all the features that you want to add to the product before you start building the MVP. Once the building process is done, cross-check the features. 

When you have the list of features, you need to prioritise them. And to do so, ask yourself questions, such as what do the end-users want? Am I offering them something advantageous? What would they like the most? Based on the answers, organise the features. 

  1.   Launch MVP

Once you have decided on the top features and knowledge about the market requirements, it’s time to create your MVP. Your MVP is not a lower quality product but a final product. So, it should be user-friendly and engaging. 

  1.   Build, Measure and Learn 

With this, you will define the scope of work, followed by moving the product to the development stage. After product development, the product should be tested to make sure that there is no error. And review everything after launching to determine the acceptability of the product. 

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