Whether you’re a startup founder or a business executive looking to outsource software development, creating a satellite product is a critical decision. You can’t fail, and numerous factors must be considered to ensure that you are the right company for the job. This guide will help you choose a reputable business with the expertise and pricing to meet your software development needs. These precautions will assist you in reducing risks and establishing a productive business relationship with yourself and your software development partner.

Outsource Software Development

Outsource Software Development

Record & Experience

There are no two ways to verify the quality of a software development company’s previous work. However, you should research how your potential partner has made decisions in the past. Should assess your software’s UI/UX design, as well as its code or architecture. It is easy to evaluate UI/UX design and design quality by looking at their portfolio. Use the development firm’s Git repository to aid a technical friend with coding creation or analysis. How you’re a non-technical entrepreneur, this crash course in technology can help you understand the essentials.


Technology selections can have a commercial impact on your time on the market, product stability, and budget. Be careful of generalists—if a software developer claims to do it all, be mindful that they are not specialised. You should ideally collaborate in a web or mobile-focused software development business, using just Java or Net frameworks. 

Cost & Size Match

You must choose a partner with a price structure that is neither too high nor excessively low. Being frugal will not pay off in the long run. You’ll indeed receive what you’re paying for if you invest carefully at that point. You’ll need experience, professionalism, and high quality. Many businesses were forced to rebuild projects from the ground up. This is because the customer has already decided to outsource software development to the cheapest vendor. Witnessing a founder in this situation is upsetting. In summary, there is no definite number that can be used as an indication. This price simulator, on the other hand, maybe used as a helpful reference.

Scalability & Flexibility

Outsourcing the software development industry allows for greater flexibility in team size and time allocation. Begin with small sprints and deliverables before committing to months and months of work, through a commitment to a more minor, project-based working relationship, which allows your business to hire ‘as and when,’ there is no actual need to maintain it on a longer-term basis. This not only provides flexibility but also decreases expenses.


A key component is the involvement of a significant partner. You outsource your software development business, which either includes and engages OR requires a minimum commitment to do your work. However, you show a lot of responsibility when you sell everyone since you want to persuade the buyer. Try your product view or feature list if you can say “No” to your potential partner. Choose one that demonstrates a willingness to participate in the development of your product and helps you avoid the Kitchen Sink Syndrome, which may be a hindrance to productivity and success.

Lean/Product-Centric Approach

Most likely, a Lean software development business would advise you to eliminate your first list of features. When a software development company suggests reducing scope, you know you can trust them right away. It implies that you are committed to the product and have a vision for it. Because they put it quickly and reduce the scope of the budget, it gives you a wonderful sense of trust. Offer them additional points if you suggest lowering and eliminating functionality in a software development business.

Time, Roadmap & Process

Software development is typically a difficult task. If you hire an agency to build software for you, they must be highly reliable and honest. You should be able to communicate what the operation entails ahead of time.


When outsourcing software development, it’s critical that your potential partner communicates appropriately to understand the project’s requirements. This determines if you are capable of completing the job. It will also notify you that they are available, making it easier to resolve any difficulties that may arise. It’s crucial to prevent a misunderstanding of the scope and a hazardous interpretation of characteristics here. Many product-focused firms attempt to address this issue by creating “user stories” and then creating UX prototypes with a clickable prototype user interface. This is a necessary step that must be completed before any further deployment. This eliminates the appearance of creeping characteristics and streamlines the process.

Working Culture Compatibility

Your partner should speak your language. It is crucial. You understand your vision, your idea, and your business. You need to develop your own workplace culture in terms of engagement, scheduling, and timekeeping.


Make sure you don’t fall victim to the horrors of lock-in — there are two types. The first is called legal lock-in, while the second is called code lock-in. Ascertain that your IP is not transferred to your partner when the project is completed. If you want to continue working or even insource with other parties in the future, you’ll need to sign a contract that allows you to pass over your code to others. Certain bad/dark side firms still practice this old-fashioned consultancy fraud. Please be aware that you have agreed to this. When you go to a company that doesn’t follow industry standards, they’re the only ones who know how to use the platform. They become trapped as a result of this. Make sure you aren’t doing anything reckless.

Because finding a top developer and team of engineers may be challenging and time-consuming, outsourcing your core software is an attractive option. As a result, it comes with the added responsibility of managing them. In this sense, employing an agency is a more expedient method. When choosing your agency, be aware of the risks, as this is a crucial business decision. Unico Connect develops digital products that enable people to complete a variety of tasks. They like resolving the seemingly unsolvable to find solutions to complicated problems. For all screens, technology experts believe in developing an extensive, innovative design that evolves rapidly. Share your situation with our team, and we’ll work together to create a new digital product.