People have been steadily using phones to do their surfing for years, and the fact that these machines are much more compact than personal computers has made them an attractive shopping outlet. Events like the COVID-19 pandemic had a huge effect on how critical your web presence and custom web design services can be. Many shoppers have turned to online shopping for their basic needs because shopping in person has become daunting and even unsafe for others. As a result, the website, whether it’s for lead generation or eCommerce, has to be seamless in order to pique buyer curiosity and convert effectively. This includes making sure the website is appealing, fast-loading, and SEO-friendly.

The increased mobile traffic and the general need for a better user interface have been recognized by Google and other search engines. They’ve even started to alter how they rank websites. Tech firms now manufacture a slew of products of different sizes and resolutions, requiring websites to conform to the resultant variety.

“How do I make sure my web design looks fine on all platforms and runs well on mobile?” you might ask. The solution is a responsive web design, with the aid of a custom web development company if appropriate.

custom web development company

custom web development company

What Is Responsive Web Design, and How Does It Work?

If a website is called “responsive,” the template changes to the scale of the visitor’s screen. The website server sends the same HTML code and Common Command Set (CCS) to all users, automatically modifying the interface and design to fit the device’s size and resolution. Both images, text, and icons are automatically resized to the optimal scale, ensuring that each feature is pleasing, legible, and functional.

What Is the Value of Responsive Website Design?

Now that we’ve worked out what responsive web design is, let’s look at why it’s relevant. Apart from the fact that many people buy online with their tablets, there is a range of other reasons to suggest a responsive website design:

  • Google is a huge fan of responsive web design

With the growth of mobile web surfing, search engines have recognized the value of a strong mobile experience. Google, for example, also uses mobile-first indexing (as of September). This means it crawls the web edition of the content, putting the mobile interface ahead of the desktop experience. Your user interface and SEO score will suffer if your mobile site loads slowly and the architecture does not adapt correctly to the screen scale. Simply because your architecture is not responsive, your website could be lost in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Custom web design services are important today, but they will become even more so in the future as technology advances. Core Web Vitals, a big ranking upgrade from Google scheduled to launch in March 2021, has already started to set the standard on what webmasters and responsive web design companies can expect. Since this redesign is primarily based on the online user interface, if the website is not user-friendly (also known as responsive) by then, it would be unable to compete in the intensely competitive online marketplace. If your site isn’t already responsive, you can move quickly and make the required adjustments. If you are unable to do so on your own, Unico Connect, a web development company in Mumbai is a responsive web design business that can help.

  • The Use of Responsive Website Architecture Is Inexpensive

Adopting responsive architecture means you’ll save time in the future when it comes to upgrading your website. Since businesses develop new devices at such a fast rate, making sure the architecture is flexible now guarantees that the site will change and adapt to emerging technology in the future.

Visitors can skip crucial details if the design is not responsive

Whether you want visitors to fill out a questionnaire, purchase a product, subscribe to a program, or learn more, strategically positioning each factor is vital for conversions. While the intent of your website will change, delivering a high-quality service for your guests should still be a top priority because Google is watching your user experience. Your design may seem unprofessional if a picture is cropped or too short, adversely affecting the visitor’s perception of your product or service. It may have a huge effect on your conversion rate if your call-to-action (CTA) button is not in the right position, or worse, does not show at all. If you think you need an expert opinion on your website’s potential to convert, don’t hesitate to contact Unico Connect, a custom web design firm that also offers conversion rate optimization services.